Queens Dog Bites Lawyers

Millions of families treasure their dogs as part of their family, but even the kindest and sweetest dog might become fearful, scared, or nervous and bite. In Queens, the law regarding dog bites is strict. New York law requires dog owners to abide by a specific set of laws to keep their own families and that of the general public safe from their dog attacking and biting. New York law requires anyone who is bitten by a dog to file a personal injury lawsuit no more than three years from the date of the dog bite. Anyone trying to file a suit following this statute of limitations is denied their ability to sue for personal injury.

More than 4 million dog bites are reported in the United States each year, many of them fatal. Dogs are loving and wonderful animals, but sometimes they behave just like the animals they are. It’s wise to learn the proper way to handle a dog, to communicate with a dog, and to play with a dog to minimize your chances of being attacked or bitten by an animal like this one. If you or someone you loved is attacked by a dog in Queens, it’s imperative you contact an experienced dog bite attorney right away. Our office is familiar with the laws regarding dog bites, how much time you have, and what constitutes a case for personal injury. Don’t wait to call. The clock begins ticking the moment you’re bitten by a dog.

New York Dog Bite Statutes and Laws

The New York law regarding dogs classifies many dogs as dangerous. Dangerous dogs are those that fall into the following categories:

– Attacks someone
– Injures someone
– Kills someone
– Behaves in a way that causes the general public to believe that the dog is a serious threat

The law is strict for dog owners. Even those who do everything in their power to prevent their dog from attacking and injuring or killing someone are strictly liable for the cost of all medical bills accrued by the victim as a result of this attack. This means a dog owner whose dog was restrained, kept inside, kept away from people, or on a leash and attacks someone who gets too close to them without invitation or warning is still responsible for the cost of medical bills incurred by the victim.

Dog owners are not held liable in only a few situations in New York, which means you’ll need to ask yourself if the dog that bit you bit you as a result of the following:

– The dog was a law enforcement dog carrying out his duties when he bit you
– The dog was protecting a home or owner from a trespasser or someone who was committing a crime on private property or against a person
– The dog was being abused, assaulted, or physically injured by the person it bit
– The dog was protecting someone

Anyone in the midst of an illegal activity when a dog bites is unable to file a personal injury lawsuit. Everyone else is entitled to file a lawsuit within three years of the accident.

Dog Bite Damages

If you were attacked by a dog, you have a chance to receive compensation further than just your medical bills in Queens.

– Medical bills
– Pain and suffering
– Wrongful death
– Funeral expenses
– Loss of wages

Injuries from dog bites are serious, and they’re most common in children under 12. Nearly 80% of all dog bite deaths are children younger than 12, and most dog bites occur to children. Even if a dog is small, not considered a dangerous breed, or only biting because it’s scared, it’s a bite worth seeking compensation for.

If you or someone you love is bitten by a dog, call an experienced dog bite attorney in Queens. The law is strict regarding dog bites in New York, and it’s complicated to navigate without legal assistance. Your life is going to change as a result of a serious dog bite, which means it’s time to seek compensation for your injuries or the injuries of a loved one.