Queens School Bus Accident lawyers

Over the course of the prior decade in the United States, there have been about 350,000 fatal automobile accidents, according to statistics maintained by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Of that number, over 1,200 of these accidents involved school busses.

In addition to fatalities associated with school busses, thousands of children have been injured in school bus accidents. In many cases, the injuries sustained by children in school bus accidents have been serious. The rate of school bus accidents resulting in fatalities and injuries in New York, including in Queens, is consistent to the national average.

If your child has been involved in a school bus accident, you need to understand some essential facts and factors. These include the benefits of retaining the professional services of a skilled, experienced Queens school bus accident lawyer.

Compensation in a School Bus Accident Personal Injury Case

The compensation in a school bus accident personal injury case depends upon the circumstances surrounding the incident and the extent of injuries that occurred as a result. With that in mind, here are certain types of damages and injuries that oftentimes result in compensation through an insurance settlement or judgment in a lawsuit brought on behalf of an injured child. These include:

  • pain and suffering
  • medical bills
  • permanent disability
  • permanent disfigurement

When an adult is injured, and the victim of an accident works, lost income is a type of loss as well. In a case involving a child in a school bus accident, lost income can come into play if the minor suffers a permanent disability because of an accident. In that situation, a skilled Queens school bus accident lawyer can develop a compelling argument about compensating the child for future lost earning potential because of the accident-related disability.

Depending on the circumstances of a case, a Queens school bus accident lawyer may also be able to pursue punitive damages in a lawsuit. Punitive damages represent additional compensation in situation in which the conduct of the party that caused the accident in the first place is considered especially reckless. In addition to providing additional compensation, punitive damages also serve as a means of punishing the party that caused the accident in the first instance.

Compensation in a School Bus Accident Wrongful Death Case

One of the most unimaginable experiences a parent can face in the course of a lifetime is the untimely death of a child due to the negligence of someone else. Every year, parents lose children in school bus accidents.

If you have lost you child in a school bus accident, there is no way any amount of money will fill the hole in your heart. An experienced, compassionate school bus accident attorney can assist you in pursuing what is known as a wrongful death lawsuit in New York.

Through a wrongful death lawsuit, you may be able to obtain compensation for losses that include lost companionship, psychological injury as well as the last medical bills and funeral and burial expenses for your child.

Punitive damages may also be a possibility in a Queens school bus accident wrongful death lawsuit. A Queens school bus accident lawyer can assist you in fully understanding what types of financial recovery may be available to you in your case.

Hire a Queens School Bus Accident Lawyer to Fight for You

The first step in obtaining legal representation in the aftermath of a school bus accident involving your child is scheduling an initial consultation with an experienced lawyer. A Queens school bus accident attorney will schedule an appointment at your convenience to provide you with a case evaluation. In addition, a personal injury attorney will answer any questions you have regarding the case. A Queens school bus accident lawyer charges nothing for an initial consultation with you.

When you hire a skilled Queens bus accident lawyer to protect your rights and interests, you will enter into what is called a contingency fee agreement. Through this type of attorney fee arrangement, you pay nothing unless your lawyer obtains a favorable settlement of judgment in your case. You don’t have to add to your burden following a school bus accident by worrying about where you will obtain money to pay for a much-needed Queens school bus accident attorney.